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Rich Nurse is a brand for the modern day nurse. Founded by Registered Nurse Amanda, a native of Long Island, New York with Jamaican heritage. Nurse Amanda created Rich Nurse because as a newborn her mother passed away in the hospital immediately after giving birth to her. Although she was raised by her grandmother who was also a Registered Nurse, growing up without her birth mother took its toll and Nurse Amanda faced many struggles, trials, and tribulations in her childhood to adulthood.

Through all of these struggles, Nurse Amanda noticed that God's favor always gave her beauty for ashes and her blessings were double for her troubles.

Nurse Amanda started her nursing journey as Licensed Practical Nurse and is presently an RN-BSN. 


Rich Nurse is a brand that encompasses Nurse Amanda's life experiences and represents any nurse that my be going through a similar experience. 

In the healthcare setting, a Rich Nurse is a nurse who understands that the care provided is directly related to their patient’s outcome. The Rich Nurse strives to provide purposeful, competent care, and aims to assist the patient in healing and returning back to a state of wellness. The Rich Nurse understands that each patient is a divine assignment and is committed to providing safe, quality care that does not result in harm as in the case of Nurse Amanda's mother. 

In their own personal life, a Rich Nurse is a nurse that is all about leveling up. They use all of life’s twists, turns, pains, & challenges as learning opportunities. The Rich Nurse is on a faith filled journey to become the best version of themselves and living an abundant life that includes all of the dreams that they envision. The Rich Nurse knows that whatever has been taken from them will be restored ABUNDANTLY!

Rich Nurse is here to inspire and empower nurses all over the world to live life in ABUNDANCE and practice nursing with a quality outcome in mind.