About Us

RichNurse is a nurse owned brand founded by Registered Nurse Amanda Dowe, BSN, RN. Nurse Amanda originally created RichNurse to empower nurses all over the world to live life abundantly! After hard work, dedication, and personal development, Nurse Amanda discovered that RichNurse could empower PEOPLE (whether you're a nurse or not) to live life ABUNDANTLY!

RichNurse was created to represent the person who like herself, knew how to be creative, operate, and problem solve at their place of employment, but didn't know how to tap into that same creativity for themselves. The person who feels as though there is a higher calling for them! RichNurse was created to empower you to never give up, chase your wildest dreams, and live a fearless life full of ABUNDANCE!

RichNurse has fashion and beauty products to visually represent, PEOPLE globally!